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Thinking about going  ABROAD ?

This is the RIGHT TIME for you to do it!

production and services abroad

Outsourcing while keeping everything under control?

Linguistic and cultural differences, distances and national regulations should not frighten us anymore!
All of these are key issues you need to keep in mind for you to be successful!
Gruppo Sme.UP can support companies during the entire project lifecycle.

  • A common project language has to be established and understood by both foreign and Italian staff.
  • An outsourced manager has to be appointed so as to avoid any risks of misunderstanding due to physical distance.
  • A local tax support has to be identified.
    Sme.UP aims to build up partnerships with local bodies and advisors to provide the customer with the most appropriate and correct tax and regulatory support.

What matters the most in a good relocation project?

  • Taking a very sensitive approach to finding the right compromise between common (shared) and different things
  • Getting «control» over the company that has been taken over
  • Getting HW, SW and User synergies
  • Maintain the productivity of the company that has been taken over
  • Reliable connectivity: from the network to the last printer
  • Reliable layers of technology allowing remote control, as well as locally-based technical supervision

The so-called project “boundaries” have to be defined with great accuracy. Where lies the balance between things in common (ie shared with Italy) and different things?
Still, synergy and standardization determined by common procedures may not affect the competitive factor provided by the outsourcing.

To achieve the goal, Sme.UP is driven by methods and tools they have improved and optimized over a time span of 15 years experience abroad!

30 countries and 4 continents :
Sme.UP software solutions are based
all around the world!

Which languages?
Sme.UP solutions are translated into various languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Czech, Bulgarian, Chinese…

60% language coverage in relation to the number of speakers all over the world.
Sme.UP management software solutions are designed to ensure integration with the outsourced platform.

Feel free to develop your company as you wish, we will be honoured to support you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us,
we are here to guide you on your adventure!