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What is Qlik?

What do you expect from your data?
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. The data analytics platform, as well as the patented Qlik associative engine will help you get the answers you need in order to turn your data into information and take control of your business!

Predictive Maintenance: Business must go on!

A predictive analysis template is enabled on the company data flow at fixed intervals, in order to obtain an updated report providing, from time to time, a list of machines at a high risk of impending failure.

Supply Chain: is this what you need when it comes to Business Intelligence solutions?

Gruppo Sme.UP have provided a model implemented with QlikSense: an innovative approach to try and gain a free combination of data, along with new paths, to make it easier for business companies to get information and make decisions!

Big Data

Big Data Analytics: large amounts of data made available thanks to Gruppo Sme.UP templates.

With Qlik Sense you will be able to examine and access Big data as quick as it can be, and no IT resources are required!

With Gruppo Sme.UP Business Intelligence tools, your company is already looking ahead towards new challenges!