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Industry 4.0 is focused on
data integration.

A large amount of data is generated by machines,
sensors, other software products and devices in general.
This is the reason why data are referred to as one of the most valuable resources to any company.

What about you? Are you taking advantage of data to move your business forward?

The future of your company: SMART FACTORY!

Knowledge of data analytics and the ability to interpret information will help you express the full potential of the information collected by your company.

SMART INDUSTRY: Strategies. Innovative machinery.

Are your machines networked? Are they able to send and receive information?
Make data available in real time, including through the Web!

Data being collected can be available in real time for you to obtain a large number of analysis reports and video views according to need.
Managers will be able, for example, to monitor the state of facilities, as well as the production development.
All information can be used in the cloud, on any device.

What sources do we currently
depend on to collect data?

  • Production machines
  • Measuring instruments
  • PLC
  • Dedicated hardware
  • Other software
  • and much more…

How is data
being used?

  • Process control
  • Production development
  • Process analysis
  • Production statistics
  • Trends
  • Historicization

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