Gruppo Sme.UP is the IT Partner for business companies whose primary goal is that of building up integrated, flexible and evolutionary systems, in a growth-friendly IT environment.

The companies belonging to Gruppo Sme.UP share a number of different skills and abilities to provide assistance and support to business companies and to satisfy all of their needs and wishes in terms of process computerization. Business requirements where Gruppo Sme.UP have gained a significant amount of knowledge and experience may be outlined as follows.

  • Management software – ERP
  • Infrastructure and Cloud
  • Retail management software
  • Business Intelligence
  • Document Software
  • Digital and Web Marketing
  • Solutions for the comprehensive Management of Human Resources
  • Design software

Our Solutions

ERP Management Software
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Infrastructure and Cloud
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Retail Management Software
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Business Intelligence
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Document management software
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Digital & Web marketing
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HR – Human Resources
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Design software
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