Business Intelligence:
corporate information analysis, what-if simulation and consolidated budget

Business Intelligence models developed by Gruppo Sme.UP allow you to analyse business data, plan and simulate (what-if simulation), run the budgeting process, understand the information contained in the data available on different information systems and eventually make the most appropriate business decision.

The way we do our job


We first analyse KPI as it appears in your business context and then select the BI software template that proves most appropriate for that business context


We bestow power and meaning to your business data. We aggregate information that used to be scattered all over


You’ll be able to monitor dashboard KPI and charts, including from a Mobile device, to handle your business trends and examine your business process, at any time and anywhere


Be aware of the decisions being made through  predictive analytics in order to choose the best option over both the medium and long term

Business Intelligence: our templates

Commercial Analysis

A commercial analysis is performed to information about the sales trend across KPI

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We offer a template allowing you to keep an eye on purchases, compare them with your stock and monitor your inventories

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A budget analysis is performed to obtain an overview of  the profitability trend of the company

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A production analysis allows the company to monitor productive activities

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A credit analysis is performed to monitor business liquidity and trade receivables

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A stock analysis is performed to  figure out how a company handles inventories

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This template is used to figure out how a company  handles the transport of goods

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This template is used to figure out how a company manages to meet requirements to the Client’s satisfaction

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Store analysis is performed to monitor productivity in view of a correct and effective management of the whole chain

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Social data analysis

A Social network  analysis is performed to identify and assess the brand sentiment and address needs according to market requirements

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A staff analysis provides all the information needed to determine and trace back the activities performed by the staff

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Economical and Financial Report

An accounting and financial report can be created by company, division, business unit and cost center

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Budgeting and Economic Planning

An accounting and financial budget can be created by group, company, industry, according to the established criteria

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All office automations available in the standard pre-parameterization kit are included to ensure quickness and completness

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Qlik Sense® is a user-friendly Business Intelligence tool enabling quite simple drag-and-drop interfaces to create interactive and flexible data views. The noun “Sense” is used to emphasize the fact that QLik’s BI is as much as possible close to the natural behaviour of human beings. Qlik Sense is a self-service data visualization and discovery application allowing the users to give free play to their own sense and intuition to find the information they’re looking for.
Qlik Sense is fully “mobile”, which means that the application automatically resizes depending on the mobile device in use (authomatic resizing)

With QlikView® you can create custom and guided analytics applications. Thanks to its flexibility, QLik  Sense can be integrated with any business management system.
QlikView is a Business Intelligence referred to by Gartner Group as a market leader. The associated logic used to perform information analytics allows you to work on real data when it really matters, with no need to create a reservoir of information that may become obsolete.

The traditional role of a BI Advisor essentially consists in interpreting the customer requests for them to be translated into user-accessible applications. That’s why it is crucial for an Advisor to understand “what is important for a single company”, and eventually translate the requests into summary information.

In addition to the above “custom” approach we also have a  “standard” approach based on the creation of templates where we conveyed some of the best experiences ever had. Gruppo Sme.UP can therefore offer a ready-made template to be tailored only if specifically required by the customer so that a considerable time saving is achieved when implementing the project.

Qlik Sense® in small doses

  • User-friendly: by using drag-and-drop interfaces you can create interactive and flexible data views that automatically adapt to parameter and context changes.
  • Smart Search: to seek for and find complex information
  • Self-service BI: by using drag-and-drop you can create specific views, complex SQL queries and mergers Data integration with other tools: source data can be merged, whereas Qlik Sense can be integrated with any management software
  • Effective data view: you can obtain customized data views containing different perspectives that turn out to be more effective for decision-making
  • Mobile: you can work on your data content anywhere and from any device
  • Customization and Extension: thanks to open APIs, developers are able to extend, customize and integrate Qlik Sense into other applications
  • Shared History: free access to a share library of dashboards, templates, and case histories made available by other in-house users
  • Security: designed to get information and content from any device

Jedox® is a tool used to prepare business, economic and financial budgets, dealing with Planning, Reporting and Analytics. Jedox was first welcome in the Gartner Quadrant in 2017

Technical Features:

  • Connection with source data
  • Current status analytics
  • Provision of budget forecasts
  • View of results
  • Progress analysis compared with final results
  • Mobile, Web and Excel
  • On-premises and in-Cloud
  • Connector for Sense released in 2017
  • Integrated with R for advanced statistics

Talentia® is a web-accessible multi-purpose, multi-currency, multi-language and multi-normative solution. In addition to ensuring the integration with already existing information systems, it provides the end-user with an Excel interface which seems to be highly appreciated by Business Controllers.

Talentia allows the user to perform the following tasks:

  • Economic and Financial Reporting (by business area, division, etc.)
  • Management Consolidation (budget index)
  • Economic and Financial Planning (medium to long-term business plan)
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Fast Closing, CE Flash
  • Financial Statement (according to IAS/IFRS regulations, ITGaap, Governance, XBRL reporting language, etc)
  • Supplementary Notes

How does it work with business data analytics?

Business Intelligence provides the company with appropriate software solutions and processes, to enable
decisions that are supported by a certain amount of data.
Find out what’s behind your corporate information resources!



  • The owner of a plastic gasket manufacturing company wanted the production performance to always be in the foreground.
    This could be achieved by implementing the OEE project. On the other hand, the improvement of some percentage points of the OEE index for all production lines has resulted in an equally significant increase in margin. The company owner proved to be satisfied about the project and asked us to implement a further project involving Qlik in order for the commercial budget to be linked with the production and machine capacity budgets.

    Patrizio Azzini
    Patrizio Azzini
    Business Intelligence Analyst - Gruppo Sme.UP
  • A distribution company of luxury products with different stores based throughout Italy has been using Qlik Sense for a year now. The platform is being used to analyse the conversion rate (people entering the shop / people buying products) by store, by day of the week and by time slot. This made it possible for the company to schedule the optimal amount of staff required in the store and save on unnecessary costs accordingly. Within a year’s time the project was largely paid off.

    Paolo Gobbi
    Paolo Gobbi
    Business Intelligence Analyst - Gruppo Sme.UP

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