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Sme.UP have implemented the right solutions to meet the challenges in Project and Design for architecture and building industry, mechanical design, industrial engineering, civil and infrastructure engineering

The way we do our job


We analyse your organizational structure, along with your order type and subtype and select the most appropriate software to help you optimize your design process


We identify a pilot team made up of several employees to be be trained on the design software that was selected, for them to be ready to deal with the working model and BIM objects


We provide skilled support and training in running a pilot project from scratch, so as to make in-house resources independent and qualified for the task


We provide user manuals, templates and best practices to standardize and optimize workflows and project data, in addition to increasing cooperation and efficiency

Design Software


3D CAD Software for mechanical design, documentation and 3D simulation of products

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Production software designed to machine, mold, examine and manufacture high-quality parts

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Simulation software designed to predict, validate and optimize products by means of accurate and highly reliable analysis tools

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Software designed to share and handle information, project data, documents and reviews

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Software designed to minimize project mistakes, improve communication and optimize project management

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Software designed to process, understand and turn localisation information into a graphic shape

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Software designed to help manufacturing companies speed up product development by automating workflows and tasks

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Digital technology plays a key role in terms of design and creation of new products.
A real break with the past has taken place in the last few years in the world of industry: huge data availability and easy access to information, technological product and process innovation, cloud computing, 3D printng, connection.

Three major types of innovation result from the application of new digital technologies: means of production (either intellectual or physical), nature of demand and product characteristics.
Consumer needs have changed due to digital innovation, along with expectations and patterns in terms of product quality and production methods.  It’s lilke a loop that keeps on repeating and transforming.

What are the benefits of 3d modeling for business?  Flexible modeling, automation of production configuration, parametric modeling, model-based definition, best product performance, design process is

BIM in small doses

  • Minimization of design errors
  • Improvement of collective communication of the design intent
  • Improvement of understanding among the various players involved in the project, which firstly results in a greater ability to identify and share information in 3D
  • Optimization of project management, with a significant reduction in project life cycle
  • Unexpected work will be significantly reduced: conflicts can be identified before construction, in such a way as to reduce unscheduled constructive changes as much as possible
  • Increase in ROI for business companies using the BIM method
  • Reduction in life-cycle costs of public real estate
  • Support for sustainable design

The way we design and build things is changing: what kind of strategy are you going to pursue in the age of connection?



  • • Little by little, we are finding out the importance of BIM in terms of rules and regulations. This year we managed to formalize and update the UNI 11337 standard concerning digital design templates. In view of the above, the new Procurement Code should require the mandatory use of the system for all great works as of 2019. Figures seem to indicate an increase every year: contracts worth EUR1bn and involving the use of BIM were awarded in 2016, which can be seen as a good outcome, in my opinion.

    Riccardo Perego
    Riccardo Perego
    AEC Area Manager at One Team - Gruppo Sme.UP
  • 4th industrial revolution: everybody is talking about it, but what is it all about? As we see it, the utterance is used to indicate a set of processes that many of us already perform on a daily basis, for which a more organic and organized approach is required.
    Compared with the past, today it is essential for a company to keep up with the latest technology trends; the risk is to fall into the gap that transformation is facing at the present time and plummet into the abyss of obsolescence. It is therefore of the essence for business companies to work with qualified software partners able to catch the wind of change in a rapidly evolving manufacturing market.

    Nino Mazza
    Nino Mazza
    Mechanical Industry Manager at One Team - Gruppo Sme.UP

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