Digital and Web marketing:
bringing light to your business

Sme.UP  have worked out and expanded Brand Development abilities, high technology  Web solutions and Marketing strategies. Brand identity, along with communication and the implementation of more and more complex web features are referred to as a key requirement, in addition to being a tremendous asset to any company eager to be competitive in a fast evolving market landscape.

The way we do our job


Our expertise in sales processes, along with knowledge and data management are to be considered as the starting point for digitalization and online services.


We provide the sales network with special tools in order to start up, track and  finalize the negotiations as well as possible.

We put our customers in a position to access and view documents, order and buy online.


Web bring light to your business, your skills and products across the website and digital web marketing.

We place your product catalogue online by optimizing SEO.


The ability to integrate web platforms with Sme.UP enables you to get control of the sales process pipeline through Sme.UP CRM

Digital Web Marketing: our skills


  • Template Selection and Customization
  • Graphic layout
  • Custom Forms
  • Non-standard Applications/Plugin
  • Keyword and SEO-SEM Analysis
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  • B2B e B2C
  • WordPress
  • UP
  • Product Catalogue
  • Restricted Area
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  • Google Analytics
  • Advertising Online
  • AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Social Media Marketing
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  • Template
  • Landing pages
  • Social Channels
  • Advertising
  • Statistics
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Project Managers are responsible for taking care of the project management activities consisting in coordinating the work team, planning the required budget and the number of resources involved, along with costs estimated to be incurred and implementation timeline

Web Designers are responsible for designing the site as a whole, in addition to making decisions in terms of look and feel, user interface, colours to be used, main navigation tree

Web Developers are referred to as the site developers. Their role consists in turning specifications provided by web designers into navigable web pages. Specific languages of the web such as XHTML and CSSASP, as well as ASP, PHP, SP, and SQL programming languages are used to develop scripts and encode dynamic parts, which will result in a greater website interactivity

Graphic Designers are responsible for the layout and graphic design of the pages that will form part of the website. They act according to the specifications provided by either the web designer or the customer. The role of a graphic designer also involves the ability to evoke and convey emotions through the image

Copywriters have the ability to identify, through the written word, the strategy, the will and the actions played out by the purchaser. The concept will then be processed and implemented by creating a headline. They also perform other tasks such as implementing a communication strategy (copy strategy), thinking up names for new products or manufactures (naming), etc.

Web Markeitng and SEO Strategists are responsible for proposing and implementing communication and web service projects, including: business idea, product and service placement, technological choices, partnership identification and closure.
They also monitor and update the services provided through the website/portal on a regular basis, in addition to providing optimization of SEO, SEM and SERP

Marketing Specialists are responsible for making the site as visible as possible; in addition, they keep an eye on the website attendance in terms of traffic and relevance, two key factors for achieving the goals.  They have been involved since the design and development stage supporting the web designer, the graphic designer and the web developer

Gruppo Sme.UP’s approach in terms of extension of web technologies

  • Accurate and clear business identity(trademark, brand name, recognizability, etc.);
  • Technically updated site, designed with special attention to quality and accessible from any mobile device;
  • Content designed in such a way to convey information in terms of business relevance to targets;
  • Dynamic and discreet presence(search engines, landing pages, email marketing, social networks for business, etc.);
  • Ease of use of web tools and understanding of user statistical reports.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.

John Wanamaker



  • We have redesigned the website on behalf of a press manufacturing company, making it amazingly responsive, corporate, and multilingual. A proprietary CMS was also developed, along with a comprehensive product catalogue.

    Quinto Bellini
    Quinto Bellini
    Digital Web Marketing Specialist - Gruppo Sme.UP
  • • A pot manufacturing and marketing company asked for our support in view of a widespread, all-out marketing and communication activity. The corporate site has been redesigned and made responsive and multilingual. Social channel management, editing of content and a Blog were also included in the project. A proprietary CMS and a product catalogue were implemented as well, in addition to an interactive area, especially designed to inspire users.

    Alessia Catoni
    Alessia Catoni
    Marketing Coordinator - Gruppo Sme.UP

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