Document management software:
digital storage and retention of documents according to law

Sme.UP Group offers the right solution for companies that require a document management software for the retention of documents as required by law, dematerialization and electronic invoicing.
From digital signature to digital storage of tax documents and accounting records in one software, for the full management of your business workflow.

The way we do our job


We examine your business requirements according to the industrial sector and select the information that seems to be valuable to your business, thereby ensuring accessibility and usability, in addition to a quick search of any document


We minimize dispersions  by assigning tasks to employees and transfer documents from department to department, according to business procedures


We help you estimategovern and turn contents and information into know-how and expertise


We support companies in the process of digital transformation, thereby optimizing processes and information flow management

Document management: our templates

Business process

Project and design, along with management and monitoring of business process are a contribution to efficiency

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This is a template used to manage, organize, monitor and share documents and information in complete safety

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Record retention according to law enables to digitize and store tax documents, both in-house and in outsourcing

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This is a template used to create, turn into, sign and send electronic bills to Public Authorities and private entities

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Gruppo Sme.UP’s approach to document management  aims to coordinate all information stored within your company’s database in complete safety.

In particular, we deal with:

  • Information management
  • Business process management
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Electronic record retention according to law

ARXivar is the innovative Document & Process Management solution you need to solve issues connected with the management and storage of business information consisting of paper and digital documents, thereby improving staff workflow thanks to business process automation (referred to as workflow). More than 2,000 companies based in Italy and worldwide (Brazil, Switzerland, China) use ARXivar in everyday working life to manage documents and business processes.

ARXivar in small doses

  • Search: information can be found quickly, with the same flexibility as a search engine
  • Security:reliability of data is ensured by a centralized storage system
  • Increased productivity: increase in productivity is achieved through less bureaucracy, as well as the improvement of organizational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reduced working hours
  • Mobile: information and tasks can be managed by any mobile device
  • Social: hashtags are used to organize information
  • Sharing: business documents can be shared safely, anytime and anywhere
  • Compatibility: the solution is suitable for the most popular ERP systems
  • Better communication, sharing and collaboration among team members
  • Reduced costs: reduction in costs can be achieved by getting rid of printed documents
  • Digital Signature and Certified eMail

Corporate information resources (and how to handle them)

ARXivar is a complete and scalable document management software enabling you to deal with an endless amount of electronic documents originating from any source.

Find out how to make work easier!



  • The owner of an Italian multinational company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of environment-friendly cleaning and hygiene products expressed the wish to manage documents electronically and to fix problems in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, with an impact on the purchase management. This was obtained by implementing ARXivar. The platform at issue can be managed and implemented in full autonomy. On the other hand, the fact of simplifying the storage process made it possible to streamline, control and optimize the tasks performed by the users and speed up time.

    Antonio Furneri
    Antonio Furneri
    Document and Workflow Management Solutions - Gruppo Sme.UP

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