ERP Management Software:
manufacturing, distribution and service companies

The ERP Management Softwares provided by Sme.UP are flexible, integrated and designed for small and medium-sized enterprises.
They support business companies  by improving their ability to manage and implement organizational processes, with a focus on growth-friendly  development projects.

The way we do our job


We offer best practices e and process models that we consider to be more appropriate in order to identify your business functions, after analysing the organization and its features.


We implement software processes by enhancing the organization’s strengths. We integrate application solutions and aggregate distributed information.


Documents, workflow, and KPI, as well as Business Process and Workload charts can be accessed at any time from anywhere on your Mobile.


We intend to support the change in order to address the challenges posed by the emerging market and work out a medium- and long-term strategy about issues relating to organizational development.

Management Software - ERP: our skills


Purchase management software for proper vendor control and optimization of replenishments/supplies

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AFC management software for the effective and timely management of business administration

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Configurator software designed to identify the best products or product variants for the single customer

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Management control software, to make known and make a decision in order to globally improve business efficiency

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CRM software designed to manage leads, opportunities and business activities, also on-the-go, from any mobile device

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Production management software designed to handle multiple orders at the same time

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IoT & Industry 4.0

IoT and Industria 4.0 for factory data to be integrated with other data sources, within the company and outside

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Management softwares providing translation of contents, in addition to tax localisation necessary to open subsidiary companies and branches abroad

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Logistics software designed to manage goods handling and relevant processes all along the production chain (from supplier to customer)

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Maintenance software designed to manage operation, use of resources and safety of production facilities

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Planning software designed to reduce stock inventories, while ensuring both continuity of production and customer service

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Production software designed to  fulfill production orders and obtain finished products, thereby ensuring compliance with cost goals

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Quality management software designed to trace the qualitative genesis of products, materials and batches

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Scheduling software designed to improve the use of resources, reduce production times and predict delivery

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Sales management software designed to achieve and monitor the objectives related to the as easy as possible

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Web interface

Sme.UP ERP interface is based on components referred to as smart objects.

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Choosing a suitable ERP and, generally speaking, the departmental applications required to provide automation and otpimization has become an increasingly shared process between IT, Management and other business functions. Computer technicians and Business Management should therefore consider the efficiency requirements of users and business managers before buying products or implementing any project.

All functions can be fully integrated with any application available on the market. Integration process does not require  changes or duplications of the database and a gradual evolution from the existing information system to the one provided by Gruppo Sme.UP is therefore possible

Application power comes from over 30 years of experience gained in industrial companies, as well as from the knowledge of key integrated software solutions, both domestic and international

Integration enables adding , removing or editing all the attributes related to any object, without changing programs or masks.

Integration and flexibility are key factors in terms of dynamic adaptation to a variety of production and distribution systems, as they enable companies to achieve effectiveness, efficiency and competitiveness

Management softwares – ERP in small doses

  • Abstraction: multiple functions may be integrated in a single program, without affecting performance
  • Modularity: a function is implemented in a single program
  • Parametrization: in the event of a function having different behaviours, the parameter should not be set in an aprioristic manner; it’s up to the user to make a decision
    Inheritance: information should be entered at the highest overview level, thereby removing redundancy
  • Freedom: there are no implicit restrictions/constraints that could limit behaviours.
  • Overview: a faithful representation of business processes
  • Specificity: no business management product is omnipresent and unchangeable

Integrationand flexibility: the key words of the ERP management software solutions implemented by Gruppo Sme.UP.

They fit perfectly inthe context they are placed in, and not the other way round



  • • A company dealing with chemical additives for fabrics and wanting to focus on product and service quality required to collect and manage business information as a whole. All data have been collected and integrated into the Sme.UP ERP management system, starting from scattered and externally formatted data, thereby allowing the company to describe parametric and flexible data, for them to be adapted in terms of product and process change requirements. As a result, the quality of management has significantly increased, with a considerable saving: for the same amount of administrative resources, the company has increased data and volumes being managed to a notably large extent.

    Roberto Magni
    Roberto Magni
    Sales and Marketing Manager - Gruppo Sme.UP
  • DiTech ERP solution enabled a well-known mechanical engineering company based in the territory of Lecco to successfully integrate commercial offers, technical office projects, purchase management and monitoring of production progress, thereby reducing time-to-market to a considerable extent.

    Franco Molteni
    Franco Molteni
    Chairman at Molteni Informatica - Gruppo Sme.UP
  • Panthera software turned out to be an effective tool for a manufacturer of thermal and acoustic insulators who intended to efficiently manage the entire production chain.
    The fact of importing and exporting data to excel with the greatest of ease brought significant added-value to the whole project.

    Stefano Puntoni
    Stefano Puntoni
    Application Advisor - Gruppo Sme.UP
  • A client of the machinery industry (manufacturing of automatic beverage machines) is using S4HANA, the new SAP product, at the present time. All processes dealt with by the company have been covered and the plant is known as being the most comprehensive and innovative plant gone live in Italy in 2017. In addition to the typical processes handled by a company engaged in machinery equipment and used to think in terms of job number, processes for a discrete production have also been covered. We are proud of the work being done and our client is satisfied as well, so much so that he is willing to provide with testimonials.

    Carlo Malavasi
    Carlo Malavasi
    IT-Link - Gruppo Sme.UP

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