Infrastructure and Cloud:
IT framework designed for business companies

Innovative and effective IT frameworks, cloud-based and digital facilities, services provided to ensure solidity and security for your company.
Our services include from Security to development of HCIs, from maintenance of AS400 to storage and disaster-recovery solutions.

The way we do our job


We are deeply committed to design the most appropriate and scalable framework so as to ensure performance and reliability for your data management


We implement the most advanced technologies for security and continuity of access to information


We monitor and update your platform, thereby ensuring  the value of your investment


The tests being performed in our  R&D Lab make our solutions reliable and long-lasting

Infrastructure and Cloud: the way we do it


We improve business processes thanks to models based on innovative resources

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Both operational continuity and security are provided by data centers that have been created by drawing upon the latest technologies

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We delegate the management of the technological infrastructure to  della propria Infrastruttura tecnologica per dedicarsi unicamente al proprio business

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Don’t get unprepared! Protect your data with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

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IT facility overconvergence is obtained when different units making up the company’s data centers (server, storage and virtualization software) are integrated and connected to each other by a software and a centralized management system governed by a single manufacturer.
The above solution provides a large number of benefits, including:

  • improvement of infrastructure performance
  • otpimization and rationalization of resources
  • minimization of compatibility issues between components
  • fast and centralized management
  • low costs due to the components being assembled in a single package

The flash storage is a fully integrated circuit containing different flash chips.  Its potential is used to replace rotating discs in MP3 players, laptops and servers. Performances are dramatically improved by removing latency in rotation (also referred to as “rotation delay”), as well as the seek time.

The main advantages resulting from Full Flash technlogy  are:

  • database performance is dramatically improved, whereas response time can run 20 times as fast
  • storage and related costs are considerably reduced, five to ten times as lower
  • investments are recovered in no time, as you save on database and server license fees
  • constant support provided by many VDI users
  • possibility of moving wokloads across on-premises and cloud tiers

Gruppo Sme.UP consider IT evolution as the key to business growth

We propose ourselves as a 360° IT Partner:

  • Technology advisor. We support business companies when it comes to choosing the best and most effective solution
  • Solution designer. We design the most suitable solution according to the needs of each individual company
  • Implementation manager. We can rely on handy tools suitable for business infrastructure management. We provide services to make your job easier, as well as special instruments to monitor and optimize the system as a whole
  • Maintenance provider. We have the necessary skills and tools to keep IT systems safe and efficient and identify the areas where improvements can be brought about

Cloud in small doses

  • increased speed: thanks to up-to-date technologies
  • increased computing power and reliability: compared to traditional IT facilities
  • flexibility: you can either increase or decrease the scope of the service required, as well as enter additional services
  • higher security: there’s definitely no way you can lose your data
    there are no additional costs: that may be incurred as a result of upgrading or maintenance
  • SaaS (Software As A Service): Uncustomized Work Programs are available online for free or for a fee Paas (Platform As A Service): the provider makes tools available for creating new online applications; these tools are, however, rather limited
  • Iaas (Infrastructure As A Service): the provider provides virtual hardware and software resources that can be edited or enhanced according to the consumer’s needs and insights
  • Daas (Desktop As A Service): the Windows desktop can be accessed from any platform and the computational part is in Cloud

We make access to corporate information resources easier by providing cost-effective, reliable and groundbreaking IT infrastructures



  • A trade credit insurance agency needed to have access to the applications made available by the company, without creating a dedicated on-site facility. We have made available our data center and created a dedicated virtual machine environment. Now, the agency’s employees have (round-the-clock) access to information from all four locations. With the above solution there’s no need for security facilities, as all the information is safe within our system.

    Dario Vemagi
    Dario Vemagi
    Solution Designer at Nanosoft – Gruppo Sme.UP

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