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Negoziando is the retail management software developed by Sme.UP to deal with and perform typical Retail activities, thereby enabling the Corporate Management to run all their stores independently, without losing sight of the global business environment.

The way we do our job


Our projects are managed by the single store to the chain in its entirety.  A project consists of two key elements: our skills, on the one hand, and your goals, on the other.


With the proper skills and tools we are able to interface your devices with data and information about the system


We are committed to ensure business continuity. The considerable amount of projects delivered make us expert and reliable partners


You’ll be able to explore specific KPIs, charts and reports, relevant to both your business trends and the status of your business processes

Retail Management Software: Negoziando – Features & Functionality


The retail management software for outlets and multi-store chains enabling you to handle your entire organization independently

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How to manage the total amount of your transactions at the point of sale from your mobile device with Negoziando, the Retail Management Software

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Business Intelligence Retail for information analysis and process optimization at the POS

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The retail management software designed to create prospects about social and collect information in a specially integrated CRM

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No restrictions whatsoever in the number of tills. You can rely on a complete interface heterogeneousness with both fiscal and non-fiscal cash registers, as well as with POS devices (formerly also referred to as PDQ or EFT devices).
In addition to the above, Negoziando can be interfaced with ERP systems and e-commerce websites

Availability: the information is available on demand or in real time: the database can be updated across scheduled transmissions or direct connections according to the business model.

Extensiblity: main data and records can be extended by defining additional parameters at the user’s own discretion.

The Store (Point of Sale) can rely on a guided and assisted interface to perform tasks and operation mistakes are avoided.

The Head Office  has the full control over the operations performed by the Store, along with the possibility to check for possible discrepancies.

Integration: integration with multimedia objects (such as pictures, video-clips and technical descriptions…), Office Automation tools (including data import and export to/from Microsoft Office and OpenOffice suites), as well as with electronic mail systems.

Privacy: any function can be enabled or disabled according to the kind of user, either by setting a password-protected access or by providing different revision levels.

Two-way exchange (between the Head Office and the Stores), restricted to the information you really need. Quick response is obtained thanks to Barcode and RFID technologies, as well as by using portable devices.

Offline / Online connectivity: for independent stores dealing with their everyday tasks, for them to be updated on vouchers and loyalty cards, as well as regarding the sales and inventory status.

Negoziando is available in the following languages:

  • Italian
  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Slovenian

Negoziando in small doses

  • Attendance Management: attendance recognition terminals, staff entrance and exit records, days-off, holidays and leaves for illness
  • Inventories: global, partial or ratating inventory (also by Mobile). Inventory differences can be identified and checked by either the Store or the Head Office
  • Connection: Stores are connected online and offline
  • Software Update: “Live Update” of the software that is automatically installed on a “zero-click” basis, with no need for manual interaction
  • Replenishments: Minimum/Maximum Stock Management and Sales Forecast
  • Purchase Orders: Centrally Delivered Consignments and Decentralized Deliveries to Stores
  • Sampling: sampling process can occur both online and offline
  • Labelling: Vendor barcodes, as well as one’s own label (with or without a barcode) can be used
  • Stock analysis: Reports are created according to selection standards, whereas user-defined templates can be saved to obtain reports in a short time

Negoziando MediaBox provides the necessary support to attract customers who are in the immediate vicinity of the store via instant messaging, through Bluetooth technology. Video-clips, advertising and promotional messages, ambient music and any other multimedia content can be planned, delivered and operated directly by the head office.
The store is perceived as the real contact point between a company and the customer and must be referred to as a primary image resource, a dissemination tool for brand identity and a privileged place for interaction with the customer.

InfoCenter is a Negoziando form that can be operated as a data collection and consolidation center. Data may come from Negoziando in-house sources (Takings, Attendance), from external devices (Traffic counters, Shoplifting barriers, …), from outsourced services (Web Services) able to provide information (Weather reports, Exchange rates, ….). The information is collected across pre-configured and grouped schedules according to the time gap having been defined. Moreover, Negoziando InfoCenter allows the disclosure of information to the outside world.

Loyalty dynamics such as Loyalty and Gift Cards, for example, are represented by specific system features and are attributed to the single customer, so as to create a customer register related to the two promotional tools, whereas the Promo Engine function determines which are the entities involved (items, customers,  locations,etc.) to which the promotions apply, including card holders, and the resulting data can be easily examined. The new Loyalty form functions, as well as the interface towards the Social world enable the retailer to better target the promotions and attract new customers.

Negoziando supports the company in consolidating their Brand Awareness. This is possible thanks to the strong integration of the Solution with all available Social channels. Loyalty is therefore increased and the customer is turned into a Brand Ambassador. Negoziando allows you to associate a “Facebook user” with a “Loyalty user”, create promotional engines to encourage in-store events and trace back user registrations. Customers have the opportunity to make a check-in store as soon as they enter the shop, post their location on the social page and share their in-store experience.

Due to it being composed of independent forms, Negoziando can be integrated with already existing management systems.
Negoziando is, in fact, a standard for the Retail industry throughout Italy. The Research&Development division of Gruppo Sme.UP works tiressely to always be in the forefront of technological developments, thereby providing a state-of-the-art and cutting-edge information system in line with increasingly demanding customer expectations.

Negoziando translated into figures

Over  3,000 facilities based in 39 countries, software translated into 8 languages, stores with an area ranging from 194 sq-ft to 32,000 sq-f. No matter whether you are talking about a single store or a chain of stores, franchise stores, factory outlets of distros –  Negoziando is the right management solution designed for mid-market Retail businesses



  • We have rolled out Negoziando software on behalf of a major client of ours engaged in the jewelry industry, on 40 Stores based throughout Italy, in a fortnight’s time. Everything went to plan, without a hitch.

    Andy Cavallini
    Andy Cavallini
    Product Manager Negoziando - Gruppo Sme.UP
  • Thanks to the Negoziando suite, a major Retail company engaged in the jewelry industry managed to reduce the stock value by 8%, with a significant increase in product rotation

    Elio Petrone
    Elio Petrone
    Retail Expert Negoziando - Gruppo Sme.UP
  • Controlling and managing the e-commerce site through Negoziando enabled an important retail business focused on sportswear to do without a dedicated warehouse and rely on stock availability at the store instead.

    Christian Petrone
    Christian Petrone
    Account Manager Negoziando - Gruppo Sme.UP

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