The Lab

Our Lab staff is composed by 30 people, all of them young and passionate, with average age under 39!
Gruppo Sme.UP Lab supports all development activities related to property products, thereby ensuring the full control in terms of applications, interfaces and technologies.
Products developed sofar may be outlined as follows:
Ages ERP
• Sigest

Gruppo Sme.UP’s R&D resources provide support to more than 100 delivery partners.
Our Solutions are targeted to customers who dispose of renewable and growth-oriented applications, able to follow them abroad as well, with a significant impact on languages, graphical representation of characters, regulatory and tax issues.
Our Lab, along with our products, do receive a major contribution from the application solutions (our apps) developed by our delivery colleagues and related to modeling, mostly based on best-policy practices that make business processes more effective.

Gruppo Sme.UP Lab Team

Principles of the Gruppo Sme.UP’s Lab:

  • As we do our job, we try to expand the application coverage to always be in line with business logic and market trends and requirements, with a strong emphasis on the evolutionary perspective.
  • We constantly update Tablet and Smartphone-based multi-device features
  • We constantly update the coverage related to foreign taxation policies.
  • Optimization of cloud usability and continuous improvement of User Experience
  • Inexhaustible passion, study, experimentation. That’s what’s behind our work. As it’s only through perseverance and hard work that we can get the most out of technology.

A most current topic is related to IOT and Industry 4.0.
Our ERPs are connected with field devices, we collect any signal, we continue to manufacture, deal with machine terminals, handle logistic processes supported by the most common technologies, connect measuring instruments and sensors, POS and payment systems, weighing systems, etc.  Click here to learn more

Integrations are also developed using products made available by third parties:

  • Further ERPs (SAP, ACG, Gipros…)
  • BI, Big data and CPM
  • Document management
  • EDI
  • Offline data collection (Gulliver)

Below is a sampling of the technologies we currently use