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Please note: The Help Desk service ONLY applies for those who signed a service contract.

For those who have a basic service contract, it should be noted that the contract includes the first 15 minutes ONLY; in the event of a call longer than 15 minutes, the amount for the extra minutes will be charged.



DOWNLOAD Teamviewer, the executable allowing you to keep an eye on the Helpdesk’s behavior
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Take a look at the strengths of the HELP DESK service provided by Sme.UP

  • Better support to users
  • More focus on the user’s requirements
  • Increased productivity of human resources
  • Process improvement enabled by monitoring reports and possible solutions to frequently asked questions
  • The service may be accessed by dialing: 02.91087555 and/or at the following e-mail address:

Sme.UP Helpdesk provides the following

  • Extension of service hours from 8am to 10pm
  • English and Spanish language support

Sme.UP Help Desk Process

First-level support
Front-End for all users: any call will be dealt with and registered by our Workflow system.
This step provides a ticket number, whereby the user can check the status and progress of the application.   The Front-End service will then enable the second step by keeping timings and resolution dynamics under control. The ticket closure can be traced back and the user will be updated accordingly, if required.

Second-level support
Dedicated teams will provide the solutions as required by the circumstances and will contact the user, by setting up a remote connection, if needed.

Contact the Help Desk experts for support on the following solutions: Star, Sme.UP ERP,  Negoziando and for system or technical support: 02.91087555

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