Over 30 years
of history

With Italian companies, towards digitalization

Let’s start from the very beginning…

smeup is a business reality that benefits from the mutual sharing of skills and abilities,
whose primary goal is to assist and support companies that intend to create integrated,
flexible and evolutionary systems in a growth-friendly IT environment.

…step by step

we have grown up together with the companies that keep on choosing us every day.



Smea and Query came to life in the second half of the 1980s : companies established by people backed by a good deal of passion and a pinch of recklessness.
There were few of us, with limited means, but with strong skills on business processes and technological tools.

Companies ask us for coverage, application depth, proximity, as well as to help them through their first projects abroad. Over the years spent working side by side with our customers, we have gained skills in different areas and can develop both software and infrastructure applications, along with solutions that can be alternative or complementary to domestic and international applications.

Cooperation and consolidation.

90's - 2000s

Over time, Smea and Query resolve to converge on the same development platform and to join forces in a shared laboratory. They grow further and consolidate their position on the reference market: the Italian SME. A number of evolutions in the ICT world such as the Internet, the personal computer and graphics suggest major changes.
We continue developing or software applications; on the other hand, application coverage increases, while interfaces and integration systems with the factory and other platforms evolve. Growth also takes place through external channels: the first acquisitions allow us to expand the business, to turn to other markets and to include new areas, such as infrastructures and systems.

A brand new project.


After a 15-year cooperation in which we have been sharing values, products and lab, we eventually resolved to merge our companies into SME UP S.p.A., which is part of a natural evolution that marks the start of a new project.

Within 6 years, we double the number of employees and our turnover.




We resolved to continue on this path which aims to aggregate intelligences. Acquisitions extend both in terms of territoriality and competition. In addition to territorial proximity, attention focuses on application solutions for specific sectors and skills in IT architectures.
The challenge will have to materialize through an industrial plan that will bring the company to 100 million in turnover through actions in line with the vision: pooling of intelligence to enhance the know-how and typical business processes, along with those of their people, by using the potential of technology.

year after year…

key moments that have marked the growth of our company


In the last few years we have grown both in size and in turnover and want to continue on the same path in the years to come. We intend to pursue a harmonious growth, in ways that do not distort our nature.


We do believe in people revolving around our reality: collaborators, customers and suppliers. Keeping on creating connections able to generate value by using the intelligence spread throughout the territory is our priority.


We believe in delegation, as well as in people’s ability to take responsibility and make valuable contributions.

innovation and training

Products are functional but prove insufficient to implement the Digital Transformation: at the present time we must invest in training, because the real strategic lever capable of triggering innovation lies in the knowledge of processes.


We keep on moving towards an increasingly complete integration of social, environmental and governance factors. The company will turn their focus to enhancing the well-being of their staff, reducing environmental impacts, improving customer satisfaction and promoting social and economic development in the areas in which they operate.

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FIRST contact never dies

New projects, requests for information, customer care. Support and advice just a click away.


FIRST contact never dies

New projects, requests for information, customer care. Support and advice just a click away.






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